Four Steps to Becoming a Better Business Owner and Entreprenuer

As I reflect on what it takes to become even better than you are at being a business owner or entrepreneur, I think there are basically 3 quick things you can focus on (although you can really hone in on 7 highly effective habits of highly successful people if you have time to read the book.)

Goals - SMART

1.Set SMART Goals

As we pointed out in our previous article, it is absolutely essential that you write down you goals, and that you make them SMART –

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Goal Setting allows you a proper starting point. It allows you to gain clear vision on where you’re going, and allows you to develop a clear path and plan/ strategy to get where you want to be. This is the first step to becoming a better business owner.

2. Read / Listen to Podcasts Every day (to get your mind right)


As they say, leaders are readers. They say Warren Buffet reads multiple times per day. Bill Gates Reads daily. Online marketing specialist and multimillionare Tai Lopez speed reads a book a day. Seem extreme? Not really, considering how many negative messages there are out there trying to bring you down. Just like how a shower wears off after a day, you should be reading every day to keep your mind fresh and inspired.
Daily reading will definitely keep your mind right, and help you focus in on your daily goals. Unless you have someone in your ear reminding you of how great you are and how great you can be, you’re not going to be as successful as you can be.

Get into reading 20 minutes every day.

3. Go to inspirational seminars and conferences on how to be successful

One of the best uses of your time as a small business owner would be going to inspirational conferences and seminars. You will learn from your peers and people more successful than you. You will come back inspired, fired up and with a ton of new ideas.

There are a lot of good things probably going on in your surrounding areas. One simple Google search for success seminars or just picking one of your favorite inspirational people Like Dave Ramsey or Brendon Bouchard should be a great start. Spend time and money on this because you will NOT regret it, ever. Even if you spend $1000 on a conference and you come back and have an idea that makes you $1001, it was worth your time. Even if not, it will make you a better person and a better business owner.

I know from personal experience that all of Mobil Stage Rental has benefited from me going to seminars.  So if you have a team of employees to lead or you’re a solo-preneur, definitely make sure you’re going to at least 1 conference per year to renew and inspire you.

4. Take Time for yourself

Bet you didn’t think this would make the list, huh? Unless you’re taking personal  time,  family time, and relaxing every week, you’re ‘batteries’ will not be charged and your ability to be a better business owner or entrepreneur will suffer as well .

People aren’t machines and we shouldn’t treat our selves that way. We are a delicate composition of body, mind and spirit and we should take time to renew all 3. Otherwise we can get stale. Our relationships suffer if we don’t spend time nurturing them. And that can carry over into work. And other areas of our life as well.

So my advice would be to take 1 day off per week. Take a walk in the park, take a hot bath, spend carefree time with family or friends, read a book for pleasure, exercise , pray take a quick day trip to the beach for crying out loud! Any time (a reasonable amount) is good time spent on yourself, because it will directly transfer into success and clear thinking as well as a recharged battery for you. And you need to be fresh every day to be at your best.

Those are the top 4 things I can think of quickly, does anyone have any other suggestions? Feel free to post in the comments below if you do!


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