Upcoming Jobs We hope to see you at (first half of the year)

Hey guys, here’s a list of places we’ll be at, for a variety of conferences, concerts and events for the first half of 2016. Hope to see you there and meet you all!

Tadmore Shine Circus in Canton Ohio- March 19- (http://eventful.com/canton/events/tadmor-shrine-circus-/E0-001-090822181-4). The Tadmore Shine Circus is a world wide traveling Circus that is an incredible good time for the kids. We always like setting up for this one because our workers kids get to meet the performers. It’s so cool to see all of the flips and high flying acrobats. The animals are pretty cool too.

Dancefestopia in Kansas City – Sept 9-11, 2016 (http://dancefestopia.com/) This 3 day long music festival (and apparently dance festival) is always a good time for the thousands of hippies and stoners that go. Yes, I know I just said hippies and stoners, but that’s basically everyone who is there, and they know it too. We like setting up and tearing down for this event because we’ve known the event coordinator for quite some time now.

They even have a promo video, which you can check out here:

Riot Fest – Sept 2016  (http://riotfest.org/) Denver – It’s always a good time at Riot Fest, and as you can imagine it’s almost like a riot. Performers last year included System of a Down and Snoop Dog To Headline things. You just have to be careful you don’t get hurt in the mosh pits. It can be crazy down there. I remember one year, the crowd actually rushed the stage and broke OUR stage! Can you believe that. It was absolute insanity. Good thing we have liability insurance because one person did end up getting hurt, and we decided not to sue the concert hosts because it would have end up costing us more for the legal team, so we just cut our losses on this one. Needless to say we’ll still be going back this year.

The Fresno Window Tinting Awards – May 21, 2016- Fresno Ca ( sponsored by the owners at http://www.FresnoWindowTintingCompany.com) – This is an annual event we love doing because of the great people involved. They’re hard working, blue collar folks like us that get together once a year to award the best window tinting companies in the area.  It’s always good to see people of similar profession/ occupation getting together to humbly honor the best in the area. And that’s exactly what they do at this conference and award show.  Some of the awards given out are best window tinting company in the Central Valley of California, highest grossing company, fastest window tint job, best new company, and best customer service. Gotta love window tinters! You don’t think about them until you need a job done, but they provide a really cool service.

Bumbershoot Festival- Seattle Washington- Sept 2-4 2016 (http://bumbershoot.com/). This Washington Cultural Event is on its 4th year. It’s an incredibility culturally diverse event that we always enjoy setting up because it’s indoors at the end of summer, and that’s always nice when it’s humid and hot out because the Seattle Civic Center is (surprisingly) air conditioned. They raise money for a good cause too, so everyone benefits. You can expect to hear some inspirational talks as well as some great live music. Did we mention we enjoy that it’s indoors? lol. It’s always great to see so many people getting together to support a great cause and in turn, really enjoying themselves. The energy is great and we just like being around these people up in Seattle this time of the year.

Mammoth Lakes Music Festival- July 2016- Mammoth Lakes, Ca (http://felicitrio.com/mlmf.html). One of our favorite places to go in the world – Mammoth Lakes – for its natural beauty and clean air. We are actually planning on staying there an extra few days this year. They also have the Jazz Festival but we will be elsewhere during that time. The stage we set up out in the middle of the giant forest area is huge, so it’s always a good time although we get short of breath pretty easily  because Mammoth sits at 10,000 feet. So even if you’re a world class runner, you’ll get out of breath easier up there. Thank God for oxygen bars! [another interesting thing to note about Mammoth Lakes are their bears. They live up there and roam all around town, so it can actually be quite scary if you’re not used to it. But the cops up there told us they’re usually harmless, but you should never leave food out because that’s what they really want. So there are elaborate contraptions on all of the trash bins and dumpsters so the bears can’t get in. And the cops said if you just yell “BAD BEAR BAD BEAR BAD BEAR” they will basically run away, because that’s what the cops yell before they shoot the painful beanbags at them. They said they’ve even heard cases of bears running away from kids when they yell this simple phrase. Pretty cool stuff, huh? Just thought I’d let you know in case you’re going to be joining us up there!]

Mammoth Lakes Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza – July 2016- Mammoth Lakes CA (http://mammothbluesbrewsfest.com/) Since we’ll already be in Mammoth Lakes in July, we decided to stick around and help set up for this amazing festival. When we attended last year, Tom (our president) had one too many beers but fortunately there is free transportation all throughout this little community on this bus (which is always free- amazing, right?!). After set up, they allow us free admission and to mingle with the people as well as free beer passes. And when you give a group of hard working, mobile stage set up crew members a free pass to drink, you know they’re gonna drink. It’s amazing how many microbreweries there are in this little town of 8,000. And somehow, every single last one is amazing. Maybe that’s because the water quality way up there in the mountains is second to none, and hasn’t been polluted yet. They do have some award winning bakeries too because of the quality of the water, so that could be one reason all those microbreweries are so damn good!

Will you be at any of these events? Let us know, and our world class crew will be there to greet you. I will personally be at some of these events so maybe I will see you there!

Won’t be at any of these events? Don’t worry, we’ll continually update this blog and let you know where we’ll be next!



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