What to do when you fail

“If you fall, get up try it again”


YEAH!  Doesn’t that get you fired up!

Don’t ever let failure get you down.


Failure is the opportunity to learn. It builds character. It makes you into who you are. It tests your fortitude.

For example, when we lose a contract for a major event, what do we do? Do we cower away and quit? Hell no, we keep on fighting! We keep on putting in proposals. We keep on making calls. We keep on making connections and building relationships. We keep our heads up and keep moving forward. We strive to become a better business every day. I personally strive to take all the steps necessary every day to become a better entrepreneur. And I try to live day by day, always striving to achieve my goals.

Failure can be a discouraging thing. But the thing is that failure doesn’t matter. It’s how you respond to failure that matters.

Michael Jordan missed 12,000 shots in his career.

Steve Jobs (late CEO of apple) had multiple product failures.

Think about that for a second. These are two of the greatest human beings to ever grace the earth. They were the absolute best of all time. They both changed the world for the better.

And yet they both had a TON of failures in their lives.

What does that teach you about how to respond?

Always respond positively. Always get back up, like we showed in the video above. Always strive to correct your weaknesses. Always try to do better and be better. Never quit, regardless of how many times you’ve failed.

Thomas Edison ‘failed’ 10,000 times before he was able to create the light bulb.

Abraham Lincoln had multiple failed attempts at public office before he became one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States.

Another story, to get a little spiritual on you:

In Jesus’s time, both Peter and Judas betrayed Jesus. They failed. But what happend to both of them?

Peter chose to repent, and he went on to become the First Pope and one of the greatest saints in church history.

Judas despaired, and he committed suicide by hanging himself.

Choose to learn from your mistakes.

Choose to respond with great fortitude to your mistakes.

And you will be successful!

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