Great day for a great day!

Today, we’re still in the first half of the year’s events. Today we’re in Beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. Home of the Tennessee titans and the country music hall of fame.

We have been working hard on accomplishing our goals, and getting a huge contract for a country music festival has been on our radar for quite some time now, so we were super fire up that we got the contract. It’s all a part of our strategy for success.

It’s about 65 degrees and sunny, and we just visited the Parthenon, the old Greek Structure that’s replicated here. It reminds of our past and western Civilization in general. So many things came from the Greeks including Socrates, Aristotle, and many great thinkers of the time, it’s cool to see the replication of that awesome structure here in the US.

As I sit here on the water overlooking that structure, I had a few thoughts:

  1. Where is my business going?
  2. How can I inspire my employees to be the best version of themselves?
  3. How can I be a better boss?
  4. How can I be a better husband?
  5. How can I be a better father to my 2 children?

I think a lot of it comes down to planning and desire.

You start with a goal, then with Having a workable plan and then doing everything possible to achieve your goals with a burning desire. That’s really all it takes to achieving your goals. Study people who have done what you wanted to do. There’s a huge importance of reading books, taking classes and courses (all you need is online for now, universities and colleges are a huge waste of time and money), but most especially learning from a mentor. Then the second most important (or I would even argue the first) is experience. Is actually getting out there and trying. And Failing. And just learning from your mistakes, but being smart about it. Strategize and then execute on a high level.



That’s what makes every day a great day, is operating a high level over and over again. It’s what gives you the sne




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