Jobs for this year!

We had a great year and jeeze, didn’t even really get to blog about much this past year. But we’re getting around to blogging about it now. Here’s a few event’s will be at this year:

The Concrete Contractors Convention in San Diego

One of our most anticipated events of the year is the concrete contractors San Diego convention. This is similar to some events that we’ve done in the past, kind of like an awards ceremony. It reminded me of a show I saw about a woodworking conference. Truly hilarious some of the awards that some of these people give out, but I mean hey if they are passionate about what they do, then what the heck. Looking forward to it this year!

We will also being doing set up for a few Red Bull sponsored concerts and events like the event down in San Diego, as well as a few concerts across the midwest.

Come check us out and let us know you’re a reader! We always loving hearing from you!

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