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Upcoming jobs we’ll see you at (part 2)

We always love seeing our customers and fans at all the events we do throughout the year. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the events we’ll be at for the second half of 2016:

BROAM ( July 9, 2016 – San Diego, California

Beautiful beach in San Diego California in summer

Beautiful beach in San Diego California in summer (Bigstock)

The Broam is an annual event put on in San Diego, California that supports the local community. The Band Switchfoot is the lead performance, and the event is a total play on words, like a Pro-Am in golf, where they mix professionals and amateurs (usually celebrities or athletes), but this unique event mixes the ‘bro’s’ of San Diego with Amateurs (kids actually) and they award a prize to the best kid surfers. You gotta love the quirkiness of San Diego!! We’ll be in town setting up for various events around the BroAm.

Brofest in the UK! ( TBA – London, England

Speaking of bro’s This is an annual event held in the UK where a bunch of Bro’s get together and rock out with their socks out over the course of 3 days. We always love seeing these jabroni’s, and they’re always really friendly even though the mosh pits get pretty violent from time to time.

Annual Fresno Tree Service Awards (Fresno Ca- December 2016) Specific location and time TBA

This is one of our favorite events to do. A bunch of tree service companies in Fresno get together and award things like best company over all, highest grossing, biggest tree chopped down, fastest tree chopped down, best customer service, etc. to name a few. They are a cool group of hard working guys that have a lot of respect for the earth because they’re dealing with tree’s all day long. One of our favorite events to set up for. Read More →